Hi all,

My name is Maham. I am a chartered accountant working for one of the big four audit firms. I am passionate about reading, writing, fashion, beauty, art, travel and food. I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

I am always exploring new places, food and things and I’d like to share my thoughts on them. My blog will include snippets of my life, and I hope you will enjoy being part of it. 

I am an artist by passion. I have listed some of my paintings below. Hope you will like them. I am still learning and hope to improve with time and practice. 


To view my paintings click on my facebook page 😊

I tend to to eat out a lot and so i will be sharing the eateries I love, why I love them and why you should try them out. Also disappointing places that I went to and hence my rant about them. I’ll also be sharing my travel stories here.

I’m a shopaholic and so will want you to benefit from my constant shopping sprees as I’ll be sharing my honest reviews about the products that I buy. And also my honest reviews of the products/samples that I receive as gifts from companies. I’d never recommend you to buy something that I wouldn’t buy myself.

I binge watch tv shows on alternate weekends so I will be sharing my views on them. 😉 Also the latest books that I read and the books that I started, but couldn’t finish (in that case let me know the ending 😄😉)

Thank you my lovelies for bearing with me for this long. Click on the drop down menu to read my blog posts.

Happy reading!

Maham ❤

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Art Instagram




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  1. Wow, Maham! You are a busy lady!! And it looks like you are enjoying life! Thank you so much for following A Couple of Stars and a Happy Face. I’m so glad you stopped by. 🙂

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