Kulcha King – JLT

Heard a lot about this place and was delighted to be invited here. I was greeted with a sweet lime drink which is a must try! Especially in this weather of Dubai, this is a perfect refreshing drink with a hint of mint and lemon.

We chose to sit outside. They have an outdoor seating arrangement with a pleasant view. For starters we had veg and chicken kulchas. They come with a yummy dip and were gone in a second! Indeed very yummy! The potato and chicken ones are my favorite. Just the right amount of spices.

Next we were served paneer, prawn and chicken tikka. They came hot and yummy! Chicken tikka is my favorite, perfectly grilled, soft and juicy! Definitely recommend it.

Next came mutton, chicken and veg biryani. They serve delicious biryani and I will visit again and again for their biryani. Presentation is good too. Biryani comes in a clay pot with perfect rice and spices blend. If you are a mutton biryani fan you must try kulcha King’s mutton biryani! Absolutely delicious!

Last but not the least we were served yummy soft,warm and gooey gulab jamun topped with pistachios and drenched in a sweet syrup. Definitely a must have!

We were quite a few people and the staff managed to serve us all really well. They were indeed very courteous and eager to please.

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Syeda Maham Riaz is a super foodie on Zomato UAE. For invites and collaboration opportunities contact syedamahamriaz@hotmail.com


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