Max Factor – Miracle Contouring Palette

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all having a blessed Ramadan. I am so happy to receive my third voxbox complimentary from MaxfactorArabia and Influensterme

So what’s in the voxbox ☺️

It contains:

🌟Miracle Contouring Palette (highlight, lift and contour)

It has perfect 8 shades; orange and peach shades can be used to conceal dark circles. Dark shades can be used to define cheekbones and chin. Yellow is perfect for bright under eye area. All these cream shades blend in like butter on my skin. And are highly pigmented.


🌟Face Finity All day flawless foundation:

Its my favorite! Gives a nice finish and blends in perfectly.


🌟Miracle Glow Duo Pro Illuminator:

There are two sides one is matte and the other one is shimmery. Doesn’t look heavy and blends in perfectly. Gives a beautiful glow.


🌟Compact powder

Last is this powder which blends in perfectly giving a nice finish to the overall makeup look.

It also moisturizes the skin and is perfect for everyday use.


Here are the swatches of this amazing 3 step Miracle contouring palette.

It’s a three step highlight, lift and contour palette. The last three highlight shades blend perfectly in to my skin as you can see in the picture. This palette has perfect shades to contour and highlight the face to perfection. I use the darkest shade to contour and the lightest to highlight. Then top it off with my Miracle Glow Duo Pro Illuminator.

Here is my before 🌟

And after look using the palette


Miracle Glow Duo Pro Illuminator:

What I love about this product:

– Gives a beautiful glow to the face

– Blends in perfectly

– Glides on smoothly


Compact powder:

What I like about this product:

– Perfect for no foundation look.

– Perfect for touch ups. Definitely worth having.


Face Finity All day flawless foundation: – blends in smoothly

-no caking

-Stays put

-Can be used as a concealer



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I received these products complimentary/free from Maxfactor Arabia and Influensterme for review purposes.

You can shop these products here:


For Kuwait

For Saudi Arabia


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