Entre Nous – Novotel

I had an an amazing Iftar here at Entre Nous located inside Novotel World Trade Center. There is a praiseworthy Salad section , an amazing main course section and a delightful dessert section. The dishes range from authentic Arabic, Mediterranean and International Cuisines.

Interior of the restaurant is beautiful with an Arabic theme that compliments the beautiful Ramadan experience.

We started of with some lentil soup which was super delicious and thick. Sprinkle some lemon 🍋 for super yummy flavor! Next from the main course the mixed grill is a must try! The chicken was simply delicious! You will find delicious Lamb stew here as well. Also Kebbeh bil Laban was creamy and delicious. Stir fried beef is a winner really as the beef is juicy , tender and full of flavors. For seafood lovers there is grilled seafood with lemon butter sauce. They also have Lamb Ouzi with oriental rice here that is a must try item.

Salad section was so good that I was kinda full by the time I moved to the main course. You will find yummy rolla leaves, carrot hummus, egg and mayo salad, My absolute favorite was black beans and mango salad. I can’t praise it enough. They have traditional hummus as well as a variety in hummus like beetroot hummus and carrot hummus!! Tabule was my absolute favorite. It was fresh and delicious. Their is also chicken tandoori salad which is a safe and delicious option.

They have an amazing dessert section where you will find a pleasant variety. They have Noghat parfait , red velvet cake, borma, pistachio cake as well as many other options that include fresh fruits and fruit salad. Asabi Zainab is a must have along with the pistachio cake! Also Apple crumble cake was delicious. Along with French pastries and a variety of Arabic sweets, you will also find delicious Umm Ali here.

You can have a variety of drinks like Laban etc from the drinks stand. They also have roh afza here! Overall my experience has been great and definitely worth repeating.

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